In October, 2006 two churches just outside Baltimore City were awakened to the HIV/AIDS pandemic. Central Presbyterian and Grace Fellowship Churches recognized that this issue was far too large for any one church to address. They agreed to put aside denominational differences and join hands to respond. They formed a ministry called HopeSprings with the vision to awaken, equip, and engage the Church to restore hope and healing to those impacted by HIV/AIDS.

HopeSprings has been equipping and engaging volunteers with our partners since November 2006. Our efforts began slowly with just a few volunteers and two churches, but have steadily grown over time. Today we have hundreds of volunteers from a multitude of churches who have been equipped through our training course called “The Journey” and are serving on a regular basis to assist our HIV/AIDS service provider partners in Baltimore.

Ironically, this virus, wrapped in divisive stigma, is being used by God to unify the Church. We have been forced to acknowledge that this is not a “those people” disease. It is a “we” disease, tearing at the very fabric of our society as it intertwines with poverty, lack of education, and employment opportunities, broken families, substance abuse, and crime ridden streets. It will take the “WE” in HIV to eradicate HIV.

Recognizing that it will take the “WE” in HIV both to eradicate the disease and serve those infected and affected, HopeSprings is proud to serve and partner with organizations in both the public and private sector, including:

• The JACQUES Initiative, Institute of Human Virology, University of Maryland; and
• Moveable Feast.