Why HopeSprings

In the Baltimore-Towson Metropolitan region, approximately 33,800 are infected by HIV
and in the City of Baltimore, 1 in 43 people are HIV positive.
Baltimore-Towson has the 4th highest HIV and AIDS diagnoses rate in the country.

And this is from a disease that is both preventable and treatable.

In our city, there is no one that isn’t infected or affected.
And for years churches ignored the issue and didn’t help.HopeSprings exists to awaken, equip, and engage the church to respond to the HIV pandemic in Baltimore. Through our network of churches, we train and equip thousands of volunteers to serve those infected and affected by HIV. We are equipping volunteers to serve in our partner organizations.

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For more information call us at 410-323-0005 or email info@hopesprings.org.