What’s Happening in Baltimore

Let’s first look at the U.S.

The CDC estimates that about 1.2 million people in the United States are living with HIV infection and 1 in 5 are unaware of their infection.

“Approximately 50,000 people become newly infected each year. In addition to recognized risk behaviors, a range of social and economic factors places some Americans at increased risk for HIV infection. Prevention efforts have helped keep the rate of new infections stable in recent years, but continued growth in the number of people living with HIV ultimately may lead to more new infections if prevention, care, and treatment efforts are not targeted to those at greatest risk.”

• MSM, particularly African American MSM, account for 61% of all new HIV infections in 2009 and 49% of people living with HIV infection in 2008.

• While African Americans represent approximately 14% of the U.S. population, they account for almost half (46%) of people living with HIV in the US, as well as nearly half (44%) of new infections each year. At some point in their life, approximately one in 16 black men will be diagnosed with HIV.

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But What’s Happening in Baltimore?


It is impossible to live in the city of Baltimore and not be affected/infected by HIV because…

• At the end of 2010; Maryland had a total of 35,400 reported cases living with HIV and AIDS

• While Maryland ranks 19th among the 50 states and the District of Columbia in total population, in 2009 Maryland was 9th in cumulative number of AIDS cases (36,313 through March 12, 2009) and 4th among U.S. states and territories in estimated AIDS diagnosis rate (19.9 diagnoses per 100,000 population during 2009).

• Baltimore-Towson had the 3rd highest estimated AIDS diagnosis rate of any major metropolitan area

• National estimates suggest that there are 6,000-9,000 Marylanders who are HIV positive and are unaware of their status