The Gospel of Healing: Volume 1: Black Churches Respond to HIV/AIDS


HopeSprings, The JACQUES Initiative, and The Gallery Church came together on March 7, 2013 at Payne Memorial AME for Baltimore’s premiere of The Gospel Of Healing, Volume 1: Black Churches Respond to HIV/AIDS , a short documentary that features City Uprising: HIV Outreach Day. The documentary explores the question,

“If every African American church had a full-service health ministry would it eliminate the gaping health disparities and reduce the high prevalence of chronic health conditions in Black communities?”


The Gospel of Healing Film Premiere was an awakening experience.  The documentary gave insight to this epidemic in a new way and created discussion amongst those who attended the screening. The discussions that took place at this event let individuals communicate with each other about the role of the church and how it can engage in this epidemic. It was great to hear different opinions, perspectives, and learn about what different churches are doing.  You could truly feel the love and passion throughout the night.