Volunteers are the heart of HopeSprings. They each have a unique story about why they became engaged with HopeSprings and how it has affected their lives. Our volunteers realize that we are all infected and/or affected by HIV, and we can utilize the gifts we have been given to provide hope and healing to those affected by HIV/AIDS.

“I didn’t know what to expect…(I was) out of my “comfort zone but amazingly, I was filled with an inexplicable feeling of love and compassion.” -Cheryl

Are you ready to become a HopeSprings Volunteer?  To get started:

  1. Sign up to volunteer– Click here or contact serving@hopesprings.org to sign up.  Our Volunteer Coordinator will connect you upon receiving your request to discuss opportunities to serve based on your interests, gifts, and abilities.
  2. Join us for The Journey– We offer HIV training for our volunteers when they begin serving with our partner organizations. Additional training requirements differ depending on how you will be serving with HopeSprings. Our Volunteer Coordinator will connect you with necessary training following sign up. To register for our next Journey Training click here.
  3. Sign up for a Volunteer Job/Shift– Once you have connected with our Volunteer Coordinator and completed initial training, use our Volunteer Calendar to select a volunteer job and shift (if available) from our many serving opportunities.
  4. Submit your Volunteer Hours– The work that we do is accomplished by volunteers like you! Many Companies generate sales to show forward progress. HopeSprings generates service, through our amazing volunteers, to show forward progress which is best tracked by recording your hours served each month.

Please click here to showing the forward progress your service has on the Baltimore community. 

instructions for reporting hours

For further instruction on how to submit your volunteer hours click here.

Would you like to see the hours that you have served? You can and its easy! Click here to view your volunteer activity.

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If you are a current volunteer, please click here for ongoing opportunities. If you have a story to share about your volunteer experience or any additional questions, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator or call 410-323-0005 ext. 2.